Has it ever occurred to you that life is so often being taken for granted? Have you ever taken the time to thoughtfully embrace the true essence of life?

I was being shed the light earlier today to really reflect on myself after a casual discussion with a close childhood friend on how meaningful I have lived my life thus far, and where life is going to take me based on what I have done now. Admittedly, it has greatly apprehended my focus towards the matter in which has casted paramounts of thoughts for the rest of my evening.

I listened contemplatively on his bestow towards the severity of the subject with much engrossment while he enthusiastically expresses his worrying fumes over the lack of awareness people have towards something as precious. He believed that everyone is here on Earth for a reason; that we were intended to accomplish something on Earth before reaching death’s bed.

Nelson Mendela wanted to do something about apartheid in South Africa. Now he is renowned for standing up and making a change towards discrimination. Don’t you think he has lived a purposeful life for doing so?

The average human lifespan after being given birth would be to go to school, attend college, get employed, work, start a family, work, pay for their children’s college education, retire and die. Concurrently, in my opinion, this is unjust to the way of life; that as trivial it may seem, have no notable impact into contributing to humanity before selfishly leaving the world without a sense of righteous purpose. It is people who are blinded by the the lack of ambition, that they do not believe or are not making an effort into striving from where they stand now, that they are being so easily contented with their way of life without focusing on the bigger picture.

We take Earth’s natural resources, pollute the beauties of mother nature, created greed amongst the rich, made poverty worse amongst the poor and it seems just very unfair to not try and do something about it but routinely going back and forth from work, too busy making a living, too busy just being a normal human being. 

Whenever I take a brief glance around at my fellow peers, I feel that everyone is fallen into a delusion of not understanding the seriousness of this virtue; that some people are not doing their best; others just gratified by being customary, which I view as a horrid digression of modern-day mindset especially among youths. No one is making that bold step to try and be extraordinary, that they believe can make a difference to the world, that they want to make their presence count, that they want to justify their purpose of being brought to Earth. No one.

Is this really the greatest pleasure of life? How is this helping us shape a better world for us to live in?

Perhaps I could be wrong, for the meanings of life is very subjective to different people. Even so, it never fails to infuriate me that people are taking life too lightly; that they are not putting effort into the things that they do, that they do not demonstrate a great deal of care to break apart from the modern norms of living, that they are being self-centred onto taking life’s treasury as a game to gamble on unethical personal benefits.

I live in a society where we were brought up to excel in examinations by swallowing text books, that doctors and engineers are the only assurances of ‘guaranteed success’, that raising a public opinion could mean penitentiary. How about a change? How about being someone different? How about exerting an influence towards the world by stepping out? How about doing something about it so the world can progress? How about setting an example for our future generations to look up to? That we value our lives and have the desire to offer something to the world before departing. Wouldn’t that make life more the worthwhile?

So what is life to you?

However insignificant you may seem, never lose faith into believing you can make a difference to this world.

3 Responses to “Life”
  1. YJ says:

    Well written bro. Well, i guess time will tell as we progress in this very interesting world.

  2. mawjia. says:

    Thank you for the acknowledgement and the ideas for writing this

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