What Happened to Pop Music?

Whenever you stumble upon any music video releases of a mainstream artist, whether it is Katy Perry or Justin Bieber, do have a look at the comment section and you will find a bunch of whiny little dimwits arguing over how music today have been reduced to repetitive beats and meaningless lyrics, while some would be clinging onto the artist and defending them as if it was their child. Such blasphemy is not helped for the fact that these futility have been brought upon to Youtube, Facebook, Twitter and almost every social networking site you go to, that for me, is becoming more and more unbearable.

I believe pop-music listeners are generally classified into two main categories: hipsters who oppose against anything that is mainstream, and commercially-acclaimed mainstream radio listeners. The hipsters generally spit voices of hatred towards the commercialisation of pop artists and end their argument mostly by throwing names of either indie or vintage musicians, while the fans of these pop artists would fight back and deteriorate the credentials of those who have insulted their icons by saying things like ‘I’d like to see you do better’ kind of childishness.

I am neither on the side of the hipsters, nor the petulance of these radio-conformists, but what I do like to point out is this: at the end of the day, music is still just a form of entertainment, stop taking it so seriously. People constantly talk about artists, sharing their Youtube videos, re-tweeting, liking, commenting on their statuses, and that is a beauty of the Internet which should be cherished; however, as much as I hate to break it to all of you who enjoy social media interactions with celebrities, all this are free publicity stunts for the artists to catapult their image and fame, keeping them grossed with magazine front-covers, video view counts of extreme figures and televised talk-show appearances. That’s right, while all you low-lifers are busy taking a swipe at each other over Nicki Minaj’s music and persona, she’s probably home counting the millions of dollars she’s making solely from the product of these free publicity you numbskulls have contributed to.


The real winners of the 50 Cent – Kanye West rivalry publicity stunt are the artists themselves.

For the ones who talk about how appalling the state today’s pop music is, that the 80s or 90s have the best music, should just move on already. In 1997, Radiohead and Foo Fighters both have album releases in the same year that ‘Barbie Girl’ was firing up the charts and Hanson’s ‘mmmBop’ was number 1 for three weeks; Eric Clapton, U2 and Bon Jovi released music in 1985 just as when Starship did. What I am trying to say is that, every generation has its own set of dreadful artists, no different from how it is today. Although to some extent I may have to agree that the level of gruesomeness is more conspicuous that it has ever been; every decade has produced some of the best and worst music. So, if you don’t like what you are listening to, then stop listening to it and carry on with your lives by doing more meaningful things.

As for the ones who are so protective over their idols, it’s time to rationalise with yourself. I respect that you have a musical preference that you enjoy, but I want you to remember that people like One Direction and Wiz Khalifa are corporate-selling products aimed and fabricated to target a set of audience in hopes of generating more profits for their companies. Yes, they are money-making machines manufactured to siphon every possible dime in your pockets just so they can rake in more and more stacks of money while their singing-androids are still able to make music. Now, before you start ranting about how wrong I am, and that One Direction ‘defines’ you, that I have no rights to make such comments about them, consider this; has any of the group’s members helped mow your lawn, do your homework or washed your car? No? Then what kind of favour are you trying to return by endlessly backing them up? They show up in the music scene, earning a tonne of money out of the many blind adulations across the globe and fans viciously pounce onto whoever that has the slightest of criticism towards them? Doesn’t make a whole lot of sense does it? Again, I’d like to remind you that these artists are assembled for corporate gain, and that you Beliebers who slit yourselves because Justin Bieber smokes pot wouldn’t stop him from doing what he does. The reality is this, your puny existence is not going to interfere with the music they are going to make or the choice of burger joints they are going to dine from, so unless you could prove that these people have some sort of tangible impact at all in your lives, I am prepared to be wronged.


ATM machines or musical audience?

So, what happened to pop music you may ask? Besides the fact that Youtube has overruled the use of MTV, well, nothing really. We still have lousy musicians just as we have good ones. However, bottom line is that these people are still just entertainers. They are not necessities of life. What agonises me is that at 2013, people are still so easily trapped in this concoct delusion that is not going to have at all, any major significance in the advancement of human race. Sure, Gangnam Style raked in a billion views; the iPhone 5 is hyped around as if it is the best 5″ plastic anyone has ever seen. So? What have you done thus far in your life that has helped contributed to mankind? Think about it.

As a conclusion, I just want to say this. Stop benefiting the people who are using you as toys to generate more money. Listen to what you enjoy and nothing more. Music and entertainment are not physiologically as demanding as water to some African children or education to war victims in the Middle East. I stress again from my previous post on Life, we are graced with the opportunity to make something out of ourselves, seize this chance and use it well; instead of dedicating your time and energy to the purposeless, help contribute to humanity and not laying around asserting things that do not really matter.


Child labour in India : a more legitimate problem than deciding over a Samsung or an iPhone.

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