Psy-ched For Votes?

Maybe you might not have heard, but the political circus in Malaysia have inducted yet another milestone of absurdity in its already stained assemblage of hilarity. Just possibly months ahead of the nation’s most anticipated general election, the Malaysian government’s brilliant strategy to reinstate the confidence of the rakyat was to get South Korean K-pop sensation, Psy to perform in Penang, Malaysia, a state currently being ruled by the opposition. In conjunction with the Chinese Lunar New Year, Prime Minister Najib Tun Razak thought it was appropriate to splash an allegedly reported RM6.2mil, or approximately US$2mil, to invite an overrated lip-syncing pop star who has nothing to do with Malaysia whatsoever for a performance of merely 10 minutes in total during the Barisan Nasional’s Chinese New Year Open House.

Is Psy Barisan Nasional's voting poll saviour? Well, not likely.

Is Psy Barisan Nasional’s voting poll saviour? Well, not likely.

Like most Malaysians, I was infuriated. However, it was not because of the ridiculous amount of tax payer’s money being pissed away for something unnecessary, but more to the fact that I could not find a legitimate reason for the government to do this, especially when everybody knows that this is an obvious political scheme to gain popularity from the rakyat. Seriously Barisan Nasional? Is this the best that our country’s coalition party could come up with during the world’s most celebrated ethnic festivity?

I am quite positive that the government would be denying all allegations that would suggest Psy is being used as a political tool to swing the country’s favor back into Barisan Nasional’s turf, but even then, I find it extremely insulting to our intelligence to accept the fact that this is how the government perceives us; a bunch of drooling idiots who would cast our ballots based on the celebrities they can bring in. I believe our country has the mental capability now to believe that something as serious as the country’s general election should not simply be treated as a popularity contest. Well, if that is the way that the government feels about us, then my sympathy goes out to all who have engulfed trust in the nation’s education system; we are the product of leaders who think that the rakyat are intellectually incompetent, that we are easily blinded by the glitters of superstardom to help us decide votes.

But I firmly believe most of you reading this are not intellectually incompetent, rather people who actually care for the development and leadership of the country; hardworking Malaysians who are ready to embrace a new paradigm in the country’s political scene. So, which brings to my next discussion: what was the real purpose of Psy’s performance?

Well, since the government has decided to splash a big pool of the country’s money into a pop-star who already has enough money to feed a few generations, so might as well explain the purpose of this investment right? Apparently, there is no official statements or media publications stating the objective of luring Psy to Malaysia by the government. The closest to anything rational was that it is to boost tourism in Penang. What for? There are many other failed tourist destinations scattered around Malaysia, why not help those places instead? I am quite sure someone of Psy’s stature is able to pull seemingly extreme crowds of any figure to his shows no matter what the venue. Wouldn’t that be a much wiser way of spending on a multi-million dollar performance?  So, it is probably safe to assume that this insane allocation of money is solely for entertainment purposes, since the stubborn government would probably contradict to any traces of political stratagem.

Okay, let’s put ourselves in the perspective of delusional imbeciles. So the government spends millions during a Chinese New Year open house to get a popular Youtuber to enact, no political chaser, it is all about the entertainment; and it is still, if not even more outrageous.

Doesn’t seem like ‘Gangnam Style’ belongs to any of these needs. The millions invested to stage the K-pop act only goes to show the inability of the government in handling and prioritising funds.

Doesn’t seem like ‘Gangnam Style’ belongs to any of these needs. The millions invested to stage the K-pop act only goes to show the inability of the government in handling and prioritising funds.

We still have people starving on the streets, illiterate children who have no access to information and immigrants lurking around alleys ready to commit crime, while the government’s role model is to say that we should be joyful while pampering ourselves with entertainment, there are so many important issues out there left unsolved. With the amount of money used to bring in Psy, a lot of other things can be done to improve the country. At this point, I am beyond flabbergasted. This is not the type of values and ethics that I was brought up with to uphold, and the politicians of Malaysia are not leading a very good example into educating their people on what is right and what is not.

Maybe there is a lot more for me to say but history suggests that it is not wise to continue my rant considering people get thrown into jail for speaking the truth over here in Malaysia, so this shall conclude my opinions on the Psy controversy. I am unsure as to who would be taking over Putrajaya this year, but whoever it may be, I just hope that the leaders would help focus onto pushing our country’s development forward, instead of making headlines for all the wrong reasons; we have endured enough shame already.

3 Responses to “Psy-ched For Votes?”
  1. Jerald Yee says:

    Nice quoting Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs; however i might point out that they did satisfy the most basic needs… of BN themselves. 🙂

  2. mawjia. says:

    Perhaps you’d like to clarify the things that you dislike and we can discuss about it

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