Human Garbage


I was going to dedicate this post for something else, but as of late, I find whiny teenagers far too unbearable, sprouting around social media to the extent that it has reached the pinnacle of my aggravation. I find it so hard to tolerate with such childish behavior that my hope is that all you drooling scumbags of an idiot would wake up and start reflecting on yourselves by just a little. I have managed to identify some key traits of people regarding my rant, and I basically divided them into three categories, so let us see if you have fallen into anyone of them.


Category #1 Puttin’ my swag on spendin’ all that cash

Am I the only sane person here who thinks these people look pathetic? Don’t get me wrong, I am all for cutting ourselves loose once in awhile – but in moderation. If you spend five days a week out drinking and consuming drugs, pissing away all your money, then you have some serious issues. Chances are, most kids these days either spend their parent’s hard earned money, or squeeze their wallets out of tiny part-time-job-paychecks just to look cool because they are good at nothing else, which makes it all the more pitiful. A shake of the head, I am already grieving for their parent’s perished hopes and dreams.

The natural resources that we have are fast declining; globalization has made the world even more competitive; we simply could ill-afford to accommodate any more human garbage because frankly, nobody has time for that bullshit. Therefore, if you want to be taken seriously and start entering the realms of reality by commanding some form of respect, respect yourself first. If you have no intention at making this world a better place, you might as well not live and give your life on Earth to people who actually deserves it.



I have never been able to comprehend with things as such. If you truly want to live life to its fullest, this is not how you do it. Whichever abomination quoted this should feel embarrassed.

Why do you care so much about us? We’re having fun. #YOLO

My intention is not to care about you. Fuck you. You are a waste of my time. My concern is that all you drunken whores are making the roads much more dangerous to drive on; dollars that has been contributed to wrong places (not exactly noble in this volatile economy); tax payer’s money pissed into cleaning up your messes; and entertainers who embrace irrational cultures of such to propagate towards dumb youths so that the cycle continues.

Do you not see the seriousness of your immaturity? Oh right, I am conversing with individuals of senselessness; why bother the emphasis.

You talk about your nations not moving forward, in actual fact; you are the one who has caused all this. Governments invest a shitload of the people’s money on moral education in schools to exercise ethics, police patrols to keep the streets safe, rehabilitation centers for curing dipshits; when all this money could be allocated somewhere else more beneficial to improve the country if we have lesser of these human garbage to clean up. If you love your country so much, it is time to start becoming a responsible citizen; anything otherwise makes you a hypocrite.

But I don’t expect the rapid-growing numbskull populace to die down anytime soon, because public figures are not setting up near-decent examples themselves for them to follow; allowing kids the excuse to conduct wrongdoing because someone else has done it, and is earning a dickload of money for doing so.



I beat up my slutty girlfriend who has shits for brains to forgive me. What an example for the kids to follow. Can’t believe my music still sells millions. #YOLO.

I find it appalling as to how nightclubs and radio stations still approve of Chris Brown’s music being played. Bad repetitive beats and lyrical nonsense aside, I do not think such a bad example deserves any fame and attention at all. But my faith in humanity tanks have long been emptied, so no reason to be surprised by his “success” there.


Category #2 I can’t do it because I am not good enough

For some of you who have a bit more common sense than the regular debauched teenager, you are not faring very much better than those jackasses yourselves. I give you slight credit for at least wanting to do something with your lives, however for some, when you fail to accomplish something, you start to look for something else to blame just to soothe your conscience; you concede your own self-esteem just so you could feel a bit better at not achieving something. You know what I call that?


We live in a world where we have the Internet, educated parents who did not have to fight in wars, unlimited resource of knowledge, facilities that 50 years ago would be considered only a myth; there should be no excuse for failure today.

If you could not complete an assignment on time, it’s less likely that it is the teacher’s fault, or the school’s fault, or your parent’s fault, or the country’s fault. It is yours. You chose to spend your time dicking around on Twitter, partying with your friends when you are supposed to be in the library, skipping classes when you know you shouldn’t; that when time comes, you couldn’t deliver. Then that’s when bullshit starts escalating.

  • “It was never my dream to be a lawyer, that’s why I am doing badly.”
  • “My grades in school are bad because the teachers are bad.”
  • “I am not tall enough to be a basketball player.”
  • “I am out of shape but I am too busy to go to the gym.”

These nonsense sound familiar to you? I thought so.

  • “If you did not want to be a lawyer then why are you still here? Too much time and money being invested in your education? Then it is your fault for not considering that earlier, or to get a mentor to help you choose your courses. It is ultimately your mistake, so learn to deal with it.”
  • “A teacher’s job is to provide you the syllabus and information needed into understanding a subject. Other than that, is and should be all up to you. If you truly want to be treated as an adult, you should start being more independent in learning with the right sets of attitude without being spoon-fed. You are blessed with textbooks, libraries, tutorials and the Internet. Have you used them properly or is Facebook more important?”
  • “Team sports are multi-disciplinary. You can compliment your weaknesses with many other aspects; hence, making your argument invalid. Or maybe you simply have not been training hard enough.”
  • “If you could not even take care of yourself, how are you expected to take care of others, like raising a family or starting a relationship? Health is important, so start taking it seriously. Making excuses on behalf of your health is as irresponsible as suicide.”

You whining about all things but yourself is making you look pathetic. If you put your heart into something, make sure you get it done, and done well. Promises are earned; if you cannot even commit to personal promises, how are you expecting other people to trust you with theirs? And the excuses are not making things any easier for you. So, next time if you fail at something, do yourselves a favor to shut up, and go have a real good look in the mirror to see where the problem lies. You are very often the root of your own problems, so rectify your attitude first before you start pointing fingers.


Category #3 Bill Gates succeeded without a college degree? Why so serious?



Seems like an increasing number of people are using his success as an excuse to neglect formal education. I can imagine his disappointment.

Sure, stories of Bill Gates, Li Ka Shing, Steve Jobs, and Mark Zuzkerberg are all very inspiring. But you know what separates them from us?

They are one in a million who have enough fuel to run the engine of determination for years of perseverance and hard work. If you could not sit still for more than five minutes just to learn how to play a guitar or to fix a light bulb, what makes you think you are on the same bandwidth as these successful men?

Besides, the competitiveness of today has become so intense that the tendency for you to fail without a college degree is very much higher than it was before. It has become more and more of a risky business to not finish school, and unless you really have the desire to reach for something in which formal education is not part of the equation, then I must commend you for doing a very brave thing. I hope you have had a good look at plunging small enterprises and limited vacancies in the job market before you start blaming others and regretting your failures later on.

My advice is this. You have parents to provide you financially and scholarships to present you formal education, so please appreciate that chance given to you. There is no need to act in a manner of impulse just to seize the moment, otherwise you will have a long lifetime to regret your inconsiderate actions.

My hope is that I can see lesser Facebook statuses about people who are already in their 20s or 30s, complaining about how little they are getting, or worse, oblivious as to how meaningless they have lived their lives thus far. It is time to get yourselves together and start showing some maturity. If you want to be treated as an adult, start behaving like one. If you are not ready, then I hope you will achieve something in life by fucking around the way you know it best – being selfish, ignorant children, expecting other adults to take responsibility on behalf of your actions and cleaning up your diapers.

If you want to be a clown, go work in a circus, because life is not a joke.



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  1. Carrine says:

    Wah Mawjia, just happened to drop by your blog & I love your posts although it’s been almost a year since you last updated! whyyyy stop? 😀

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