Psy-ched For Votes?

Maybe you might not have heard, but the political circus in Malaysia have inducted yet another milestone of absurdity in its already stained assemblage of hilarity. Just possibly months ahead of the nation’s most anticipated general election, the Malaysian government’s brilliant strategy to reinstate the confidence of the rakyat was to get South Korean K-pop sensation, Psy … Continue reading

What Happened to Pop Music?

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Whenever you stumble upon any music video releases of a mainstream artist, whether it is Katy Perry or Justin Bieber, do have a look at the comment section and you will find a bunch of whiny little dimwits arguing over how music today have been reduced to repetitive beats and meaningless lyrics, while some would … Continue reading

If music were architecture

I was spending an entire academic semester spanning thirteen to fourteen weeks on a course module called ‘Theories of Architecture and Urbanism’ and have come to realise just how much architecture gravely transcended the rules of society. Architecture have adopted and adapted through the times and changes of people and culture; and that people have … Continue reading

¡Uno! ¡Dos! ¡Tré! – Review

We started with something so simple. But it still turned into madness. I don’t know any other way to do it. That’s just Green Day Billie Joe Armstrong, lead singer/ guitarist If you have ever wondered how the collision of sentimental Beatles, rock’n’roll Elvis, and high-energy AC/DC sounded like, the latest Green Day trilogy is … Continue reading

Chimes of Depression

Perched slouching against slits of wee afternoon light glimmers deviously casting shadows across the deep ebonies of the room, I indulged myself into the melancholy of yesteryear’s downcast hymns, gradually finding myself sunken into an excavation of bleak melodic dispirits. I painted pictures of disparity and hopelessness as iTunes utter the mournful vibes of rasp … Continue reading