The Olympics

After witnessing yet another medal-hopeful falter at the Olympic stage, I couldn’t help but to ponder on whether it was too much an ask for an elusive gold medal from our fellow countrymen; and to whether if we are able to witness a Malaysian standing atop the winner’s podium anytime soon.¬†Arguably the nation’s most optimistic … Continue reading

AVB Anguish

Following Chelsea’s onslaught on Bayern Munich, one cannot help but to feel sympathy for Bastian Schweinsteiger who will be deeply scarred by a defeat that will have his name embroiled on it for years to come. After being denied by the goal-frame, he concealed his embarrassment under the red kit and covered his face in … Continue reading

United We Stand

As the Premier League season draws to a pulsating conclusion of explosive drama, England has crowned a new footballing champion. An avid United fan myself, there is simply no vocabulary in the English dictionary to express my agonising despair of seeing faint hopes dash in the space of two death touches in the name of … Continue reading