Modern Consumerism : Is It Hurting Individuality?

“Can a product that you own convey a silhouette to broadcast yourself to other people? We spend to market ourselves; we spend to demarcate; we spend to consolidate a public perception onto our identity. We pile expensive investments just so people could perceive us to the way that we want to be perceived. Consumerism have … Continue reading

Psy-ched For Votes?

Maybe you might not have heard, but the political circus in Malaysia have inducted yet another milestone of absurdity in its already stained assemblage of hilarity. Just possibly months ahead of the nation’s most anticipated general election, the Malaysian government’s brilliant strategy to reinstate the confidence of the rakyat was to get South Korean K-pop sensation, Psy … Continue reading


What do you valuate from a person that you’ve just met? Is it the level of attractiveness? Perhaps the wealth which he carries? Aren’t we all appraisers of someone else’s traits just by taking a couple of short glances? You could say that you’ve abided the ‘don’t judge a book by its cover’ code, but … Continue reading