AVB Anguish

Following Chelsea’s onslaught on Bayern Munich, one cannot help but to feel sympathy for Bastian Schweinsteiger who will be deeply scarred by a defeat that will have his name embroiled on it for years to come. After being denied by the goal-frame, he concealed his embarrassment under the red kit and covered his face in … Continue reading


After a sputtering roller-coaster performance on its Nasdaq debut, Facebook had to cling on to sustaining their $38 a share, which is rather surprising. The Facebook IPO, a.k.a. Initial Public Offering, which means a stock market launch to the public, has been frantically headlining every square inch of finance websites’ homepage over the past week. … Continue reading

United We Stand

As the Premier League season draws to a pulsating conclusion of explosive drama, England has crowned a new footballing champion. An avid United fan myself, there is simply no vocabulary in the English dictionary to express my agonising despair of seeing faint hopes dash in the space of two death touches in the name of … Continue reading


Is deterioration meant to be part of progression? Or is deterioration just a phase for transition? Are today’s generation of youths deteriorating due to over-reliance on the advancement of technology? What inspired me to unearth this increasingly alarming phenomena was through a light conversation with two peers at a coffee shop, where we discussed about … Continue reading


What do you valuate from a person that you’ve just met? Is it the level of attractiveness? Perhaps the wealth which he carries? Aren’t we all appraisers of someone else’s traits just by taking a couple of short glances? You could say that you’ve abided the ‘don’t judge a book by its cover’ code, but … Continue reading